Our Full Service Guarantee


If it is not the best clean you have ever had, then it is free. Advise us you wish to take advantage of this offer, and we will clean one room or seating position, and we will get your approval before proceeding with the rest of the job.

On Time

The Groundhog technician will arrive within 15 minutes either side of the set appointment time. If for any reason they can’t be on time, you will be notified as soon as Groundhog knows.

Pass Property Managers Inspection

We clean to a standard accepted by all property managers, or we go back immediately and rectify our work. We do not guarantee to rectify damage nor remove stains, spots or marks listed on the entry report.

Stain Removal

The difference between spots and stains is, a stain is where there has been a chemical reaction to the fibre and is often permanent. Therefore no one can guarantee complete removal of all stains.